Hi-Res capable 7Hz-50kHz 40mm driver
The powerful magnet in the driver allows for a wide 7Hz-50kHz frequency response.The lightweight CCAW(Copper Clad Aluminum Wire) voice coil allows for clear Hi-Res audio throughout the entire frequency range.
Chambered structure for clear tight bass and good passive sound isolation
Equipped with a dual baffle back chamber, the chamber serves two purposes.First, it serves to control the balance between the mid and low frequencies to improve the overall soundstage, and eliminate excess resonance to create a clear and tight bass sound.Second, with its dual chamber, noise is isolated so music can be enjoyed even more.
Input terminal designed to keep Left and Right sound chambers equal
The input terminal plug attachment has been placed outside of the back chamber, to allow both left and right chambers equal volume, and allow for the same acoustic characteristics for both.The serrated cable also limits tangling and touch noise.

2 detachable cable accessories included
Twist lock mechanism will keep the 1.2m plug securely attached (3.5mm straight plug).
Switch to balanced output with the included balance cable
Included 2.5mm 4pole balanced cable for those who enjoy the greater signal separation available for balanced output. 
2 way folding mechanism for greater carrying options